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Hair should be shampooed from the scalp, avoiding the ends so the hair does not become over cleansed and dehydrated.  Conditioning should be focused on the midshaft and ends of hair with minimal scalp time; unless the conditioner is specifically for the scalp, such as those for thinning hair.  A weekly deep conditioner should be used at home.  Hair should not be brushed when wet, but rather a wide tooth comb or pick should be used to detangle the hair.



To ensure your professional color stays vibrant and long lasting, be sure to use professional salon products at home.  Most professional shampoos and conditioners are color safe but discuss with your stylist which one is the best for you. Professional hair products are much more concentrated than the ones you'll buy in the supermarket.  In turn less product is needed making them last longer when used correctly.



Irons should not be over 350 degrees for color treated hair and hair should be thoroughly dried before ironing to avoid unnecessary damage. Spray a heat protectant before ironing. Hair should not be ironed in the same repetition every time.  The starting point on the head should vary so the same section of hair does not repeatedly become scorched from the iron.  Irons are generally the hottest on the first couple of sections of hair, so to cool an iron before starting simply run the iron along a damp towel first.

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